Guangdong Chuangle Water Park Equimpent Co
Add:No.3 Wanhe Rd, Songxia Industry Zone, Nanhai , Foshan, Guangdong,China

Tel: 86-757-85210202 Fax: 86-757-85210203
Business Hotline:13609069800
E-mail:   Skype:chuangle168

Pearl & Shell Slide
Penguin Slide
Ticket Vending Machine
Gate System
ABS Locker
Amazon Style Water House
Swimming pool grille
Swimming Pool Staircase
Surfing Pool
Rainbow & High Speed Water Slide
Pirate Water House
Octopus Slide
Children Speaker Slide
Children Sky Swing Slide
Sled、 Barrel & Closed Slide
Bump Mushroom
Water House 022
Barrel Roller Slide
Wide Family Slide
Bumblebee Slide
Python Slide
Water Roller Coaster
Cobra Slide
water House 021
water House 020
water House 019
water House 018
water House 017
water House 016
Combination Slide 2
Water Cannon
Water Bicycle
Extreme River
Vacuum Wave Pool
Blowing type wave pool
Crocodile Spray
Pirate Ship
Vichy Rain Shower
Shell Spray
Aqua Loop Slide
Family Wide Slide Combination
Rainbow&High Speed Slide
Space Bowl Water Slide
Blocks Spray
Open & Family slides combination
Mult Rainbow slides
Closed,Open,Rainbow,High Speed Slides
Machine room
Pool Cleaner
Swimming Lane
Pool Filter
Side Sand Filter
Water House 015
CLH- 014
4 Pepole Raft
3 People Raft
2 People Raft
Single Raft
Lifeguard Chair
Diving Tower
Feedwater Nozzle
Dosing Pump
Water Pump
Hair Collector
Slip Blanket
Water Breakthrough
Water Breakthrough
Water Breakthrough
Water Breakthrough
Water Breakthrough
Water Breakthrough
Lazy River
Lazy River
Bath Buddha Pool
Taiji Pool
Peach Blossom Pool
Lavender Pool
Bubble Chair
Bubble Fountain
Bubble Chair
Water Floating Bath
Foot Massage
Empowerments Bath
Impact Bath
Aqua Spray
Apple House
Column Spray
Basin Fountain
Clown Spray
Tortoise Spray
4 clown spray
Nine Barrels
Bear Spray
Flower Spray
Big Head Spray
Rainbow Gate
Five Barrels
Rain Mushrooms
Jellyfish Spray
Pencil Spray
Kangaroo Spray
Teapot Spray
Water house 013
Water House 012
Water House 011
Water House 010
Water House 009
Water House 008
Water House 007
Water House 006
Water House 005
Water House 004
Water House 003
Water House 002
Water House 001
Sky Swing Slide
Sled and Barrel Slides
Hillside Combination Slides
Frog Slide
Elephant Slide
Swing Slide
Mid Speaker Slide
Combination Slides
Seep Heart Slides
15m High Open Slide
Closed and High Speed Slides
Closed and Open Slides
Open Sprial Slide
Rainbow Wave Slide
Open and Raft Slides
Big Speaker Slide
Open Sprial and Rainbow Slides
Rainbow Competition Slides
Rainbow Slide
Rainbow and 2 Open Slides
Rainbow and Open Sprial Slides
Bowl Slide
Raft and High Speed Slide
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